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SuperOkay is the contract management platform that enables you to gain clarity into your projects, manage scope creep and increase your billables.

How it works

Create briefs, proposals, estimates and secure client approval on individual scope items, such as product features or changes.

  • Create

    Create SuperOkay Documents using our powerful editing and content blocks.
  • Send Sharable Link

    Share securely with your client via a unique link.
  • Get it accepted

    Allow clients to accept proposals, scope changes and updates in a seamless flow.

Get client analytics

Get notified when someone views your brief or proposal to send timely information and follow ups.

Create smart documents

SuperOkay has a modular approach based on a smart document that reflects all stages of the project, from brief to proposal, requirements, estimation, changes, and all the way through to completion.

Rich Document Editor

Rich Text

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Cost Tables

Cost Summaries

Reusable Blocks

You can use SuperOkay to...

Create interactive briefs

Gather requirements from your clients and consolidate all details in one brief.

  • Use interactive questionnaires so your clients just fill in the answers
  • Upload brand assets, documentation & client resources
  • Plan and define your project in one place.
  • Save time with Templates and Reusable Blocks

Break down the scope of work

Use our Estimates to break down the project's scope into more manageable items that you can estimate. Help your clients understand what goes into building their product.

Track scope changes

Always know what's been agreed and what's extra. Having all your scope & budget in one place helps you communicate with your clients better and handle scope change like a pro.

Send beautiful proposals

Create proposals which win you better work.

  • Include the Brief right in the proposal
  • Break down the work and give your clients clarity
  • Easily include Case Studies for previous work
  • Showcase your team members

Send client updates

Use SuperOkay as a central place to hold all your client communication, from brief to proposal and then client updates throughout the lifetime of your relationship.

Look like a pro

Instead of sharing a folder with files, share a smart proposal with your clients. It will work better & make you look better.

  • Style your proposals to match your brand
  • Send mobile-friendly proposals instead of .pdfs

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